Solwaster – the most beautiful walk in Belgium

A while ago I uploaded a short Tiktok video about our walk in the Hoëgne valley and in the comments someone recommended us to walk the Solwaster trail in the province of Liège. Sol-what? That was my thought when I first heard about Solwaster. Is this even a place in Belgium? Apparently it is and what a place. One of the most beautiful we have discovered!

I searched on Google and quickly found out about this 6 or 12km hike in Solwaster, Jalhay in Liège. The photos were gorgeous: a trail with lots of small wooden walkways, bridges crossing the river, lots of trees,… a typical walk in the Belgian Ardennes.

About the walk:

We got in the car and drove off to Solwaster. The walk starts at the church of Solwaster. It’s a really small (but beautiful) village so just put Solwaster in your GPS and you’ll be fine. Once arrived, the parking spots in front of the church were full so we parked our car in a street nearby. Once at the church, you see the white signs with a yellow square which will lead you in the right direction. Don’t worry, the whole walk is very well indicated you can’t miss it. The walk starts off into the village but after less than 10 minutes you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature following a small river into the woods.

The walk will lead you along a small river, over wooden bridges and walkways and through the forest. The whole walk is magical and you will absolutely love it! After a while you come to a spot where you can rest (if needed) and where the kids can play in the river. Here the walk splits up into the short version (6km) or the longer version (12km). It’s indicated which is long and which is short so you can’t be mistaken. We did the longer one and really recommend it. When you’ve reached 2/3 of the longer route you’ll also find a lookout point at a rock formation which is pretty cool as well.

Back in the village you can get a drink at the café. We went there in January but can’t wait to go back in spring as it must be even more beautiful.

All the info you need about the hike can be found on the website of tourisme Jalhay.


  • Can it be done with kids: yes!
  • Can it be done with dogs: yes!
  • Are there benches/picnic tables along the way: yes!
  • Bring hiking shoes or shoes that can get wet/muddy
  • We went there in January but can’t wait to go back in spring as it must be even more beautiful
one of the many beautiful photo spots along the way of the Solwaster walk

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